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Don't Leave Me Hanging is an Estonian contemporary circus show of self-discovery and acceptance. It's created by two circus artists and a live musician.

Artists are not saving their sweat, but rather pushing their limits of exhaustion. Don't Leave Me Hanging goes back to the basics of a show that celebrates the human body, the beauty, and the strength. 

Circus disciplines: vertical rope, cyr wheel, hand to hand, dance acrobatics, perch pole, hair hanging and Nest

Artist & director: Saana Leppänen (FI), Kert Ridaste (EE), Lars Schmidt (DE)

Co-producer: Sirkus Aikamoinen, PartnerAkro

Residency support: Näyttämö (Finland), Subtopia (Sweden), Kam Hram (Croatia), DYNAMO workspace (Denmark)

Sound design: Lars Schmidt

Performance length: 55 minutes

Recommended audience: 7+

"To dare, to take the leap is not only about courage and preparedness to fail, but about the trust
in your surroundings."

bookings by email