Jõehobu is an abstract contemporary circus show about self-empowerment and acceptance. On stage, two characters take us through an emotional journey filled with acrobatics as they take action to leave their baggage behind. 

Good might keep on getting better, but how to coexist with the worst versions of ourselves wanting to join the party? 

Two acrobats Saana Leppänen and Kert Ridaste plays with the collision of circus and digital interactive behavioral art created by Taavi Varm. The scenography of the show is minimalistic with a presence of a hippopotamus. Thibaud Rancoeur composed electronical soundscape from happy folk, through meditative and atmospheric tracks with some dance floor vibe and melancholic rock.

Some things are as hard to hide like a hippopotamus in a room.

Circus disciplines: partner acrobatics, aerial rope, cyr wheel, dance acrobatics, hair hanging and slack rope 

Performance length: 55 minutes 

Target audience: 7+ 

Artist & director: Saana Leppänen (FI), Kert Ridaste (EE)

Music composer: Thibaud Rancoeur

Dramaturge: Sade Kamppila (FI), Julien Auger (FR)

Spatial design artist: Taavi Varm (EE)

Light Designer: Chris Kirsimäe (EE)

Stage technician: Pauli Niemelä (FI)

Costume designer: Anni Veskimäe (EE)

Residency support: Riga Circus (LV), Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth (FI), Koidu Seltsimaja (EE),  UP - circus & performaning arts (BE), Näyttämö (FI)

Sponsors: Taiteen Edistämiskeskus, Kultuurkapital, Sirkus Aikamoinen, SKR, TelepArt

Co-producer: Sirkus Aikamoinen

more information contact circus.sabok@gmail.com

background photo by Inese Kalnina

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