A hippopotamus is a 12-letter word that describes a very large, four-toed, chiefly aquatic, herbivorous artiodactyl mammal having a very large head and mouth, nearly hairless thick grayish skin, long lower canine teeth, and relatively short legs.

Hippos are laud, aggressive and hungry beasts that are considered dangerous. It is also a symbol of addiction.

Circus SaboK new project will focus on two parallel lives within the struggle of addiction: suffering life as a narrow-minded addict and a closed one who is being affected by the environment, manipulation, coercion as a regular part of everyday life. Closed one can be either a spouse, a friend or a colleague. How do you trust or rely on a person who is not living in reality?

This project will have a hippo in a tutu walking across the slack rope while colorful petals fall from above. Accompanied by the sound of rice hitting the tin eaves of the roof. Hippos legs are shaking while walking onward with a blurred vision. The hippo has only one goal and that is to keep moving forward. All of a sudden the line brakes and the hippo is plummeting downwards towards the floor. Got stuck in an endless freefall, the only thing to grab onto is the closed one who tries their best to help.

Circus SaboK is currently looking for a residency place to start the project and possible partners for support.

contact: circus.sabok@gmail.com

background photo by Inkeri Jäntti