Founders, Kert Ridaste and Saana Leppänen

Kert and Saana are a new generation of circus artists who graduated from Stockholm Circus University DOCH in 2018. The journey of both acrobats is more than two-decades-long.

Kert has competed in acrobatic gymnastics with partner acrobatics while practicing circus. Kert is one of the first bachelor circus educated artists in Estonia. Saana comes from a Finnish youth circus. She discovered vertical rope as her main discipline at the age of 10. In the year 2018, Saana started to work pair acrobatics with Kert, and Circus SaboK was born.

Kert and Saana have performed around the world. In 2019 they performed in the world's biggest contemporary circus festival Circa in Auch, France. They have worked with numerous companies, such as Cirkus Cirkör, Cirkus Nikolajeff, Circus I love you, and others. Only in 2019 Circus I love you was seen by 25 000 people around Europe.

In 2020 autumn Saana and Kert premiered their debut show Don't Leave Me Hanging, which was successfully performed eleven times in Finland and Estonia. Now they have started the creation of their upcoming show Hippopotamus.

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