Don't Leave Me Hanging celebrates the human body - it's beauty and strength. Its flowing choreographies feature a vertical rope, a cyr wheel and dynamic pair acrobatics embedded in warm and intimate lighting and a fiercely emotional folk-inspired soundscape. Individuals explore hidden emotions through their close-knit friendship. The performative's heightened energetic nature creates a counterbalance between the courage to be delicate and the performers´ physical insanity for circus. 

"To dare to take the leap is not only about courage and preparedness to fail but about the trust in your surroundings.

Circus disciplines: vertical rope, cyr wheel, hand to hand, dance acrobatics, perch pole, hair hanging

Artist & director: Saana Leppänen (FI), Kert Ridaste (EE), Lars Schmidt (DE)

Co-producer: Sirkus Aikamoinen, PartnerAkro

Residency support: Näyttämö (FI), Subtopia (SE), Kam Hram (HR), DYNAMO workspace (DK)

Music / Composition: Lars Schmidt

Performance length: 55 minutes