New creation Ant handles the limits of a person's carrying capacity. During a half-hour-long performance, a petite person carries a person over thirty kilograms heavier than herself. The movement research is inspired by improvisational contact dance. Persons transfer and share their body weight and maintain contact with each other through different body parts. They make an impact on each other's movements and positions by varying the contact surfaces of the weight and thus create circus-typical tensions about risk and making the impossible possible. The performance is a minimalisticly beautiful work about the strength, weaknesses and limits of the human body. The performance area is limited to a 5 meters times 5 meters box. 

Circus Sabok group will start creating a new contemporary circus show in 2023 Autumn. Show will premiere in 2024. Before the creation group will research circus-related methods of esthetics at Cirko, Circus centre in Helsinki.

Research is based on the non-visual tensions of circus. After the found solutions and methods of the esthetics research will be used in creating ANT.

Currently, Circus Sabok is looking for partners to create a tour and give residency space for the creation period. 

The space required is 5 meters times 5 meters. The minimum height of the space is 3 meters. The touring crew consist of three people.

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